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08 March 2007 @ 02:33 am
I was just radomly clicking old clips of  yayayah old show. OMG. I never appreciated it back then. BUT i must say that i miss the old yayayah show period. it PWNED so bad. It was so much fun to watch in the past. Well the current yayayah show is still fun to watch but its not as fun as it used to be. LMAO. if you understand. *_*

And i came across THIS.!! I swear i never watched this before. It was so CUTE. OMG

Its only a 24sec clip so go watch it. >.< It's so cute.!!!!!!!!! KOYAMA.!!! zOMG. The ending PWNED me so bad. LMAO.!!
"shigeaki-kun no love letter. love letter..."  zOMG
do you guys know which episode are this from.?

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08 March 2007 @ 12:42 pm
okay. how old is he again.!? err going to be 22.!?

i mean LOOK.!!!!!

is he 14 again.?!?!
ZOMG. okay. i love all his hair slash look. but this is just soooo much love. LMAO.!!! YAY YAMAPI.!!
He can just pull off his age just by cutting and dying his hair i see. whatever it is. Still cute & hot. ^^

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